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Crazy how perspective works. Understanding that nothing is truth, nothing is reality but all is simply perspective. Depending on what you’re feeling, where you are in life, what you are fighting or what you have just overcome, what you’re thoughts are and where you stand in terms of fulfilling your dreams that depends on your reality, your what is, because your perspective changes. You and I can go through the exact same thing, every circumstance the same, all the people the same, but how we go through it, how we view it, depends on our perspective of ourselves at the time. The same is true just for yourself. You can go through one thing today and the exact same next month but depending on the circumstances, depending on your feelings, depending on how your day to day is going depends on how you view the situation and ultimately how you get through it. Reality only exits in your head. The only TRUE reality is your perspective.

Life and death are the same thread, viewed differently from opposite sides. When we are children we go through life learning. In awe of everything. Everything we feel or see or hear is inspiring. We keep testing the waters to see what life is really made of. We have no idea what death is. As a teenager, we think we are invisible and unable to die. We still don’t fully understand it or can comprehend it. We make decisions based on who we are trying to become. In our early 20s we are trying to establish ourselves. We are working hard and working on settling down. We are dreaming and working towards fulfilling those dreams. Death is not in our view. As me approach middle age we start to look back at life and wonder if we fulfilled the dreams we set forth. Looking back to see f we became the person we wanted to be. Death is on the radar, and typically scary. As we get older, we no longer look back but we start living our life preparing for death. Making sure we leave our legacy, making sure people we love know it. Death is what we are living towards. The reason: Life and death are the same thread, viewed differently from opposite sides.

If you look at what you’re going through today..if you change your perspective can you change your life?

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