Being A Friend To Someone Who Is Sick

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Someone recently commented on a post and they talked about their friend and it got me to thinking. Typically I help people surround themselves with the “right” people and not the people who aren’t there for them, the ones who don’t encourage them to fight or live but this comment made me think of the other side; the friend to the sick person. I know I have friends who I thought had my back but didn’t. The times where my life had to change and when I turned around, the people I thought would be standing there, weren’t. I also have those great friends that were standing there and still are. But it’s not easy. Just as it’s not easy being sick, it’s not easy being a friend to someone who is sick. The first is that it’s very easy to go about your day. To get caught up in life’s events, twists and turns and it’s even easier to get tired and slack a little. To someone not battling the life altering adversity, this is ok and you understand but to someone who is sick and battling, they take it to heart. They may even take it personally. The thing is, as a person who is sick, needs their friends. We need them more than ever and it’s typically during those times where you are too tired and you’re living life through those twists and turns that we need you the most. But I am sure that isn’t easy. To be there. To here our complaints or fears or worries and doubts and weaknesses. I’m sure it’s not easy to hold us up when we simply can’t hold ourselves. I’m sure it’s taxing and frustrating and exhausting and hard to see. I’m sure it’s so much easier to ignore the text when you get it and say you’ll respond later or even more so, not answer the call and send a text saying you’ll call them later because you’re too busy when in reality you’re just sitting watching T.V. It’s easy to say things “Like I never got it…” or so and so never gave me the message, even when it isn’t true. SO…to the friend who doesn’t do this. To the friend who always takes the call, always responds to the text, sends messages out of the blue of love and positivity. To the friend who encourages us to fight and more importantly, to win because you truly care. To the friend who no matter what they are going through they are always trying to find ways to help. To the friend who doesn’t treat us like we are sick but treats us like a friend. To the friend who doesn’t stop caring after a few weeks. To the friend who understands that even if it’s been years, we still have to fight every day and it the fight didn’t stop right after the diagnosis…to the friend who understands that that’s when the fight started. To the friend who truly loves us, who reaches out, who lifts us and educates themselves….THANK YOU! It’s NOT easy being a friend to someone who is sick. It’s not always easy being a friend in the best of times. The fact that you are my friend even though I’m sick, makes it that much more incredible and you that much more special!

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