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What does it mean to be ill? To be sick? Well, it truly depends on the person you ask. More than that, it depends on the person’s mindset. You could have 3 people all with the flu; same fever temperature, same aches and pains, same duration, exactly same everything, yet person A doesn’t get out of bed and tells you it’s the worse thing ever. Person B stays home and tells you they don’t feel very well but works from home. Person C goes to work and tells people not to get to close because they aren’t feeling great yet completes their day as normal. The only difference is the mindset in which the person takes when faced with the illness. To let things bother them and knock them down, or not!

The illness I have is called Addison’s Secondary Disease with an inoperative brain tumor. The illness is quite rare. There are more people who have Addison’s Primary Disease than Secondary. So as I do my research, or read blogs, and try to get some insight and inspiration I find exactly what I mentioned above. The few I find who are sharing their experiences are either talking about how difficult it is to live with it or how they’ve mastered living with it. I find encouragement in both. For the ones who are struggling and simply don’t know how to live, it is at least (for me anyway), good to know that the symptoms I go through are real and I’m not the only one. Living with a minimum of 14 symptoms per day is not an easy feat and sometimes you feel isolated. And for the ones who are weathering the storm quite well, I find comfort in their words. But more than that, I find comfort in knowing that being strong is ok. As I have not mastered this illness and am sure I never will, I have mastered the ability to live and cope with it. But many times, many people doubt if what I say I have is “real” because I never “look” sick or “act” sick.

So for all those people who doubt because of the way someone acts or looks; to all those people that think you must live a certain way if you are truly feeling something terrible…STOP judging! Because being sick or ill, is only defined by the person who is weathering the storm. I chose the mindset and went from Powerless to Powerful.

3 thoughts on “Illness

    Jazmin said:
    June 1, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with life. I shared your blog with a friend of mine she loved it. She was recently diagnosed w/ cervical cancer and you are now helping her to see things differently. I admire your inspiration and your strong will to live.


      Tiffany responded:
      June 13, 2017 at 6:08 pm


      Thank you for your words. I’ve been in your friends shoes….she can overcome! Without the will nothing is possible. If you’re friend needs support, please have her reach out! Have an awesome day!


      Tiffany responded:
      June 13, 2017 at 6:18 pm

      Also, I have 3 entries written about cancer…my diagnosis, battle and conquer with cervical cancer…perhaps your friend can find comfort in those as well.

      And I must say, Thank You for being her friend! Often, when times get tough, friends flee. It’s clear you are a true friend, someone who cares and will encourage her and lift her up. It won’t be easy as a friend, but just as her fight is worth it and you need her, she needs you too. So thank you for being a GREAT friend!


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